Gaisa aizkari

Air Curtains with OH and Kleenfan Technology

Air Curtains with OH and Kleenfan Technology
Gaisa aizkari Gaisa aizkari ar gaisa attīrīšanas funkciju

Air curtains with dual technology for disinfection and purification of air and surfaces

Active OH technology emulates the generation and expansion of hydroxyl radicals (OH ·) that nature performs to clean the atmosphere. In this way, it is possible to disable viruses and bacteria, as well as air pollutants and odors.

Photocatalysis mimics the photosynthesis process used by flora. By means of UV-A rays that affect the turbines of the air curtain, the level of pathogens and pollutants produced by vehicles and industry is significantly reduced.

The range of disinfected air curtains is extensive, with decorative air curtain models, air curtains for false ceiling installation and standard air curtains.