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Decentralized heat recovery unit TEMPERO ECO CERAM and TEMPERO ECO CERAM 2.0
Decentralized heat recovery unit Controlled mechanical ventilation with decentralized heat recovery unit. Tempero Eco Ceram enables the air exchange and heat recovery without needing a centralized system: it's particularly suitable for living houses, renovations and all that situations where ducting is not possible. It runs 70 seconds in intake and 70 seconds in extraction.



  • High efficiency heat exchanger (up to 93%) made of ceramic material.
  • Made of long life, high quality finest materials, with elegant design.
  • Front cover in ABS.
  • Tilting opening system of the shutter to prevent ingress of air when the fan is OFF.
  • Standard duct length 500mm. 700mm length available on request.
  • 150mm minimum wall depth for model Ø160 and Ø200mm for model Ø100 - 3m maximum wall depth (2,5m in case of 90° curve).
  • DC ball bearing motorimpeller, brushless with electronic commutation.
  • Long life and low energy consumption.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Double dust filter, washable and easy to access for maintenance operations.
  • IPX4 protection degree.
  • Led indicator for functions and filter cleaning.
  • Humidity and twilight sensors (active and wireless versions).
  • The last set function is saved and automatically restored in case of interruption of the power supply.
  • No condensation drainage required.
  • Working Temperature Range: - 30°C + 50°C.
  • 3 versions: TEMPERO ECO CERAM 2.0 BASE (base version) - TEMPERO ECO CERAM 2.0 ACTIVE (wiring connection) - TEMPERO ECO CERAM 2.0 WIRELESS (wireless connection).
  • Possibility of replacing the standard filter with optional filter (only Ø160).



Tempero Eco Ceram 2.0 has been projected to be installed in the main premises of the house (living room, bedroom,...). Eco Ceram base version can be installed as one unit even if the highest efficiency can be reached by installing two units. By selecting Eco Ceram 2.0 Active and/or Eco Ceram 2.0 Wireless versions in fact, thanks to the technology of synchronization, two or more products communicating each others can be installed.